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Mental Fitness
Train your mind to be strong and healthy.

We've all heard about physical fitness, right?
You train your body to become stronger, more flexible and healthier. This has an impact on your life. You lead a better quality of life!
You feel fitter, confident, motivated and better equipped to handle situations that life may throw at you.

So why is your mind any different?

What if you could train your mind like you train you body to become all of the above?

What if you could train your mind to become stronger, more flexible and healthier?
What if this had you feeling mentally fitter, confident, motivated and better equipped to handle situations that life throws at you?

Life is a rollercoaster of up and down events. Our ability to handle these events is a result of our mental fitness.

Becoming mentally fitter leads to a calmer, happier and ore in control life.
Reduce your anxiety and stress less!
Life is great when we feel great.
So what stops us from feeling great much of the time?


Relationships with people, food, alcohol... You name it!
If these relationships are poor then it will have a negative impact on the quality of your life.

Over time, if not dealt with, a relationship that’s not working can lead to a build up of negative emotions. 

You can be left feeling:
• Trapped
• Confused
• Sad
• Frustrated
• Disempowered
• Angry
• Insecure
• Scared
• Unsatisfied
• Disconnected 
• Resentful

These can have you: overeating, drinking, gambling, cheating and addicted to porn.

Common relationship problems are:
~ Want to improve current relationship
~ Feelings of betrayal
~ Trust issues
~ Trying to understand someone or something
~ The need to be understood
~ Fear of confrontation 
~ Lack of boundaries
~ Recognising the end of a relationship and the best way to finish it

Let’s identify what your vision of a successful relationship is, what expectations you have and where they are not being met.

Let’s also work together if your relationship has come to an end and come out of it in the best way possible for all involved.

If you find relationships a struggle or they continually fail, get in touch! 

Let's train your mind to understand, improve and rebuild the relationships that are not working for you right now.

I offer:
- Marriage Support
- Dating Support
- Friendship Support 
- Family Support
- Workplace Relationship Support

This can be done via:
• 1:1 online training
• Couples training
• Group training
• In house workshops for companies 
• Free Facebook group

Situated within easy reach of Kidderminster, Stourport, Bromsgrove, Redditch, Droitwich, Worcester, Hagley and Stourbridge.
In person coaching and ONLINE coaching available via Zoom, Whatsapp and Facetime.
  • Chaddesley Corbett, Kidderminster, England, United Kingdom
My JourneyMy JourneyMy Journey
I am a mummy to two beautiful girls and a little cockapoo dog called Ted.
I live in a gorgeous village in the countryside surrounded by some wonderful people.
My child-minding job enabled me to have the freedom to work from home around my own children, to be able to do the school runs and attend school events without having to ask for time off or miss out on seeing the girls perform.

Sounds idyllic? So why did I decide to end my marriage after twenty years together. The picture painted to all was that of a perfect one. What could possibly be wrong within the family unit that on the surface looked ideal?

Life! Life that was kept hidden, events that weren't talked about to anyone because God forbid people should find out how imperfect I was.

Nine stone overweight and a big wake up call within my marriage, I was sad... Very very sad. Surrounded by everything believed to bring happiness, I couldn't shake the internal feeling of sadness, frustration, anger, guilt, anxiety and worry inside of me. I smiled, I was social, I kept up the pretence that life was good, and in many ways it was, but I also knew I had to do something to change how I was feeling because that anger, frustration and sadness were always there.

My physical transformation was my first focus - the weight needed to go! Getting dressed in a morning, deciding what to wear when you're "big" is not fun. My clothes were all clothes I had to wear because they were the size that fit, not necessarily ones that I wanted to wear. I HATED what I saw in the mirror, how had I allowed myself to become this way? Let the weight loss mission commence! I got myself on an eating plan with lots of nutritious foods, started cooking from scratch and learnt new ways to make food tasty!

I introduced exercise, very slowly... Now, exercise when you're overweight is TERRIFYING! I was so scared about attending any classes... What if I couldn't do it? What if everyone laughed and pointed at the 'fat person' puffing and panting in the corner? And as for going to buy workout clothes? Oh gosh! Everything was super clingy and tight! Where are the big, baggy tops to hide your lumps and bumps? And will the shop assistants be whispering to each other about the 'fat lady' buying exercise kit? All these internal thoughts built and had an effect on how I felt daily. I joined a HIIT class run by some of the most supportive people, who encouraged and guided me through each session. Friends for life now!

As I made physical changes, mental changes started to happen. My confidence grew, I felt like I was regaining control back over my life. I began doing things for me because I wanted to not because I felt I should, to not upset anyone. I felt better able to deal with everyday life, my mood improved and my energy levels began to rise. I was becoming who I wanted to be.

My body is strong now, I feel FREE! There are no limits to what you can do once you take control back over yourself both mentally and physically. I dropped the excuses, the words "I can't" became "I CAN"... I can play with the kids without being puffed out, I go swimming with them without the fear of the dreaded "swimming costume"...! I rode a bike from London to Cologne...!!!!

Now, my body is far from "perfect", but what is perfect? I believe that perfect is what you think about yourself, about how you feel about yourself, about how you talk to yourself. If you feel good, what does it matter what others think? Is it their body? Is it your life or theirs?

Now, this might sound strange to you after reading all of that, because I believe it's only when we have come through something that we look back and reflect, but I didn't realise the journey that I was about to go on was going to be "life changing" and lead me to this. Coaching has been a life long dream of mine but how can you coach others when you are not even in a place to coach yourself? The past few years have been a rollercoaster of self discovery, of taking a BIG look at myself and working on becoming the best versions of ME I can be.

Physically I've changed and mentally... OMG! Huge change there also. I not only lost the weight from my body, but also the weight off my mind!

I've developed strategies to work through anger, frustration and guilt that I'm excited to share with you. No longer do I worry what others think of me, the only opinion that matters is my own.

I am here to work with you through your "life problems", through weight loss stumbling blocks, through relationship issues... I have been there and I have discovered the tools to BECOME YOU. To be the YOU that you want to be within your life, relationships and career. None of these need to change, it's YOU that changes which in turn, changes your perspective to look at things differently, more positively leading to a happier, healthier YOU!

We are all perfectly imperfect, lets go on a journey to discover the real YOU :-)

Let nothing stop you! x

 "I have reached a cross roads point my in my personal life and needed some guidance on how to move forwards in a positive way. It's early days but after a few sessions Naomi has already helped me identify some traits in my personality that explain so much for me and I hope to use that going forward. Naomi is a great coach who gets to the root of the block to moving forwards and makes me feel very comfortable. I can highly recommend her.""


 "I'm having a great week after our call! Making good food choices and organised the house within an inch of it's life, lol! I own this sh*t!""


 "Thank you for providing this course and such a safe and amazing space. This has been a massive positive for me personally. I am really grateful for this group and you Naomi. Thank you for all you've done.""


 "Thank you for always being so understanding. You have opened my eyes to a different way of being. Life feels good again.""


 "Jeeeeezzzz! I can't bloody believe what a difference being organised does to your whole life, lol! Get one bit sorted and other bits magically sort themselves out! Thank you thank you thank you!""


 "I'm on it today! Feel calm and worry free because I know I'm back in control of me! Bossing it!""


 "Can I just say a huge thank you! For the first time in a long time I feel back in control of me! I'm making better choices and feeling really good about them. I don't feel like I'm missing out at all. I feel happier and excited for our next session and the months ahead.""


 "Thanks Nay Nay and yes love hearing your cheery, positive voice. The little 'mantras' you put on Facebook and on here really help. When I feel tempted to have something I think "how will I feel after I've eaten it?" That kills the temptation immediately. I had my 1 2 1 at the gym the other day, first one since Sept last year. They were thrilled with my results and are so supportive. They gave me a 12kg kettlebell (same as the weight I've lost), made me walk around the gym with it, I burst into tears (filling up now just talking about it). I couldn't believe I used to carry that extra weight around before. Now we're starting to see people again they're noticing how well I look too. It's amazing Naomi and it's all down to you and your amazing support and positivity. Filling up again, lol! x""


 "I cannot thank Naomi enough. I have learnt a lot about myself and relationships with friends/life/food. It made me realise how daily life and friendships can affect my eating! The little things, when you strip things back, can affect what food and alcohol I consume! It's not easy, but asking questions of myself has made me have a rethink! Thank you - you coaching has opened my eyes and mind!""